Monday, October 21, 2013

TRTC is International Micro Finance Training Venue

Here and below, micro finance workers from Asia, South America, Africa, and the US at the opening
night of the third Transformative Economic Empowerment training session. 

The Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center was the venue for the third Transformative Economic Empowerment, a international training session hosted by the Center for Community Transformation and the Ka-Partner Network. Attendees were micro finance workers from Peru, India, Uganda, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Moldova, Thailand, and the US.  

The focus of the session, held during the third week of October 2013, was training in vision and leadership and spiritual integration in micro finance. It included visits to CCT branches, interviews with community partners (micro finance recipients) and staff, and overviews of CCT programs and services for the poor.   

Speakers included CCT Chairman Bertram Lim, CCT President Ruth Callanta, and Dr. Melba Maggay.  

The Ka-Partner Network is composed of the US-based organizations endPoverty, Hope International, Peer Servants, and Five Talents.   

Photos: Griffin Wilson