Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Celebrating Partnerships

CCT President Ruth Callanta and  Board Member Quintin Tan (foreground), CCT Board Chairman Bertram Lim
(second row in dark shirt) and international guests shout, "Onward to new beginnings!" for a new  corporate

The Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center entertained its biggest gathering of international guests so far since it opened in May when it hosted a fellowship dinner at which ten countries were represented.  The dinner fellowship brought together delegations from ministry partners Woord en Daad (Word and Deed), Peer Servants, Hope International, Kiva, and  Christian Service Society who were in the Philippines in November for a series of meetings, lectures, and observation tours. Also attending the event were leaders  of local ministry partner AMG - Philippines. 

The countries represented were Australia, Bangladesh, Kenya, India, the Netherlands, South Korea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United States of America and the Philippines of course. Aside from the foreign guests, the dinner fellowship was attended by several CCT board and corporate members. Music was provided by the CCT choir and the CCT Rondalla. The CCT dance troupe performed two Filipino dances.

Guests from Africa render a praise song.
CCT President Ruth Callanta
 and introduces the guests.
 (Here and in next photo) The CCT Dance Troupe performs the
Pasiguin,   a rollicking dance from Capiz province
 representing fish escaping from torn fishnets.

Anthon Benedict Albania of
CCT's IT department croons
 More than Words.

The CCT Rondalla

Masters of  Ceremony:
 Froilan Parado
and Anna Kristinna Palomo.

Chairman Bertram Lim, President Ruth Callanta,
 and Prof. Quintan Tan lead the
 parade of corporate members,
 guests and CCT cultural groups.

The Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center is managed by the Center for Community Transformation. Some of the buildings here were built by former street dwellers being ministered to by CCT.   Read the heartwarming story of one changed life here:

Reportage: Ciara Tan; Photography: Ciara Tan, Jill Hall, and Cheran Cuadrazal

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