Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Testament To God's Life-changing Power

The multipurpose hall at the Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center.  Section on the left is the
worship/assembly hall. On the right is the dining area with kitchen and restrooms beneath.  
The Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center is a testament to God’s greatness.  It is an answer to prayer of CCT board and management for a place of its own where the Center for Community Transformation Group of Ministries could hold retreats, workshops, and conferences of community partners, staff, and board alike.  It is borne also of a need for a venue where street dwellers  being ministered to would not be rejected for fear that they would vandalize the facilities or that their smell would stick to the furnishings.  

This 6.6 hectare piece of land has the following major buildings:

  • a multipurpose building with a meeting hall capable of seating 1,000, a dining hall, and kitchen
  • five dormitories that can accommodate a total of 460-500 overnight guests. Each dorm has a session hall on the ground floor.
  • an administration building
  • a pavilion with a snack bar on the ground floor

Outdoor facilities are two basketball/volleyball courts, a children's play area, an amphitheater, several native huts, a mini soccer field, and an obstacle course.   

This place is a testimony to the faith,  generosity, and hard work of His people – the hundreds who gave time, talent, advise, resources, and materials,  lent equipment, and in many other ways helped make this place what it is today.   

Most heartwarmingly, this retreat center stands as a monument to God’s power to change lives. More than 70  former street dwellers  were spiritually transformed as they helped build this place.  Once, these men roamed Manila's streets destitute and hopeless. About half of them were involved in vice or crime.  Today, they know the Lord, their children attend school, they support their families with an honest living, and they know that the future beckons bright. (Click HERE and HERE for stories of changed lives.)

For Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center rates and booking information, please get in touch with Eva Lope, guest coordinator, at,, 09192933157, 09232497605, 8066912, and 6542536.
For more information on the work of the Center for Community Transformation Group of Ministries, please visit its website at Read the blog of CCT Founder and President Ruth Callanta HERE.

To God be the Glory!

Tall buildings on the left and right are two of five dormitories at the retreat center.  The Abraham dorm
on the right is closest to the assembly hall and dining area and recommended for
groups composed of senior citizens. Partially hidden low building on the left is the administration
building. Partially shown low building on the right is the multi-purpose hall. 
The retreat center bedrooms can sleep six. These twin beds and the sofa bed  each have pull-out sections. 
Water bubbles out of the sphere in this fountain, the focal point of the entry to the
retreat center and a popular nighttime picture-taking spot. 

Paglikas, a wooden sculpture depicts a family fleeing their home
while the Taal Volcano erupts. It stands in the paseo or
passageway  between the worship hall and the dining area.  

Rustic seats in the paseo, the middle section of the multi-purpose building.

The administration building receiving area.  

Native huts may be used as additional meeting areas by small groups during breakout sessions,
for group devotions or prayer time, or simply for hanging out. 
This swing set has a climbing  wall, belt swings, a tire swing, rope with disc,
captain's wheel, and binoculars, ensuring hours of fun for children. 

Photos by Ciara Tan

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